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Guidelines for hosting Sensory Evaluation Training Seminars

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This is a record of past guidelines used for hosting Dr. Beer ® Sensory Evaluation Training Seminars. Each is slightly different as we have tried to change the seminars in the never ending task of perfecting the substances and levels used. Comments are provided to help you and us guage our success.

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A Brief History of Dr. Beer ®

Why is the term Dr. Beer ® trademarked?

News Flash! Mega Brewer releases hold on drbeer.com domain name.

Black Dog Design, the PR firm that worked for Miller Brewing, has recently surrendered the domain name drbeer.com. Network Solutions notified me of their decision to not renew the domain name in light of their failed attempt to trademark a conflicting usage of the Dr. Beer brand name in an alternate class. The drbeer.com domain name was therefore released to me and I have registered it. You can now access these web pages via www.drbeer.com and www.doctorbeer.com.

Another News Flash! Mega Brewer agrees to cease infringement of Dr. Beer ®

Several months ago it was discovered that despite their attempt to trademark the Dr. Beer name having been rejected Miller Brewing had begun using it in a promotional segment of their web page titled "Ask Dr. Beer". Upon discovering his usage we immediately contacted Miller to advise them of their infringing usage. Miller was very gracious in promptly acknowleding their error and removing the infringing usage. Nice to know that some large companies still act responsibly rather than trying to resort to withering litigation in defending an untenable position.

The Guidelines

4 slightly different sets of Guidelines from 97-99

Burlington, VT 1/19/97

Maine Brewery Workers Assoc., Portland, ME 5/20/96

One Kedall Sq 4/13/96

Guidelines for Boston 2/95

Guidelines used at the AHA National Conference 6/92

The Original Guidelines first posted 10/90

Feedback is encouraged. It will help us revise this program. Good Luck.

Jay Hersh aka Dr. Beer ®

and Steve Stroud stevestroud@excite.com

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