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Burlington, VT 1/19/97

Reference Beer == Carling Black Label size = 12 oz. long neck bottles ul - micro Liter ml - milli Liter

Flavor/Aroma Amount Drink? Comment

------------ ---------- ------ -------------

1) Alcohol 15ml pure ethanol Y

2) estery 250ul banana extract Y strawberry still a little strong, try adding other fruit flavors

100ul Strawberry extract to increase complexity and move away from indentifiabe signatures

3) nutty 75ul almond extract Y same level as always didn't come across well today though

4) diacetyl 90ul butter extract Y

5) phenol 12mg N

6) clove 4 eyedropper drops Y a little strong this time

clove extract

7) Clove 8 ul eugenol N

8) Skunky Previously dark strored, Y

fresh Molson in sun 3 days

9) Sulfury 45 mg Potassium N strong this time, drop back to 38mg next time

Metabisulfite (K2S2O5)

delivered as 180 ul of solution Joyce made up

10)Lactic 380ul 85% DSP Lactic Acid Y good

(i.e. food grade!!!)

11) DMS 0..10ul (made by diluting N maybe a little weak, could got to .11 or .12 ul

50uL pure DMS to 50ml

w/ pure ethanol, then

adding 100ul of this to each bottle)

12) Sour 3 ml white wine vinegar Y could maybe drop by .5ml

13) Astringent 1/2 tsp tannin in 50ml water caused gushing but produced a reasonable astringency esp.

10ml of this added per bottle in the aftertante


try reordering to group sour (lactic and acetic) together to contrast them. Astringent worked well, maybe move it forward in order. Also consider a sample with Gypsum and one with Calcium Carbonate added to demonstrate water characteristics

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