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Original Posted 10/90

reference beer = Carling Black Label

size = 16 oz

Flavor/Aroma Amount Drink? Comment

------------ ------ ------ -------

1) Alcohol 10ml pure ethanol Y could have used a little more, perhaps 12-15 ml/bottle

2) Clove 10ul eugenol N too strong, cut in half?

3) Winey 30ml Chablis wine Y Fine (make sure it is fresh)

4) Estery 2.8ul t-Amyl Acetate Y OK, maybe increase 50-75%

(banana) was borderline this time previously used .028ml which was much too strong

5) Nutty 5 drops Almond Extract Y OK

6) Phenolic 4mg Phenol N Slightly weak, some people couldn't detect this.

7) Buttery 5 drops butter extract Y OK (diacetyl)

8) Sulfury 30 mg Potassium N Good Metabisulfite (K2S2O5)

9) Skunky Previously dark strored, Y Good fresh Molson in sun 3 days

10) DMS 0.08ul (made by diluting N OK 50uL pure DMS to 50ml w/ pure ethanol, then adding 80ul of this to each bottle)

11) Stale open bottles to air, recap, Y very light, needs more time heat to 100F for 10 days

12) Sour 10ml white wine vinegar Y Too sour, cut in half

ul - micro Liter ml - milli Liter


All amounts for 16oz. bottles. We used a light relatively flavorless beer that was free of original defects. We chose Carling Black Label. It was cheap, and of the 8 or so comparable cheap beers (why trash good stuff) it was the most defect free. The improtance of a fresh beer to doctor can not be stressed enough. Remeber to keep undoctored reference samples for sise-by-side comparison during the session.

Substitutes :

Cloves or allspice can be made into a liquid extract (don't add these spices directly to beer the will cause it to gush heavily!) and added in place of Eugenol. 2g of allspice is recommended but I have no direct experience with this (it sounds like way too much).

Banana extract if you can find it will be made from food grade Amyl Acetate (just as butter extract is basically food grade diacetyl, and Almond extract is Benzaldehyde). You can add this instead. Quantity unknown though 4-5 drops is my guess.

Metabisulfite tablets (Camden tablets) from a homebrew supplier can be substituted for Potassium Metabisulfite. These are used by winemakers to kill yeast. Quantity unknown.

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