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Guidelines for Boston 2/95

Reference Beer == Carling Black Label

size = 12 oz. long neck bottles

Flavor/Aroma Amount Drink? Comment

------------ ------ ------ -------

1) Alcohol 12ml pure ethanol Y good

2) estery 120ul banana extract Y still way too low

3) nutty 75ul almond extract Y good

4) diacetyl 75ul butter extract Y good (1/2 said subtle (1/4 got it well)

5) phenol 9mg N

6) clove 2 eyedropper drops Y 1/2 said OK clove extract 1/2 said too strong

7) Stale open bottles to air, recap, Y good this time heat under heater for 5 days

8) Skunky Previously dark strored, Y Good fresh Molson in sun 3 days darken caps on both samples to avoid bias

9) Sulfury 25 mg Potassium N only half got it Metabisulfite (K2S2O5) could be bumped up

10)Lactic 380ul 85% DSP Lactic Acid Y good (i.e. food grade!!!)

11) DMS 0.08ul (made by diluting N OK 50uL pure DMS to 50ml w/ pure ethanol, then adding 80ul of this to each bottle)

11a) DMS 12.5 ml juice from Y up to 15-20ml use canned corn unswettened corn

12) Sour 4.5ml white wine vinegar Y better but maybe still a little too strong

ul - micro Liter ml - milli Liter


as a test I tried Wild Turkey 101 (Bourbon, 51% or more corn mash) at 1ml, 1.5ml and 2ml in 12 oz bottle. all basically smelled like Wild Turkey and tasted like it too, though the lowest was just barely detectable. None had the desired ester effect.

I also tried Campden tablets, 2 tablets crushed and 1g of this dissolved in 20ml water. Of this 3ml, 7ml and 10ml were added to 4 ozs of beer. This did not acheive any detectable sulfur level thoguh it did enhance DMS somewhat though it also created a really awful, dank chemical taste.

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