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Maine Brewery Workers Assoc., Portland, ME 5/20/96

Reference Beer == Bud Light size = 12 oz. long neck bottles ul - micro Liter ml - milli Liter

Flavor/Aroma Amount Drink? Comment

------------ ---------- ------ -------------

1) Alcohol 12ml pure ethanol Y flavor better than aroma

2) estery 250ul banana extract Y weak to good

124ul Strawberry extract back off the strawberry it was pretty strong

3) nutty 75ul almond extract Y good

4) diacetyl 90ul butter extract Y strong

5) phenol 10mg N audience said weak but I got it, try going to 11 or 12

5.5) BandAid 100 ul guaiacol N strong to overwhelming try dropping to 50ul

phenol obtained frem Ed Westmeier, concentration of solution used unknown

Fix says detectable at .3mg/L

6) clove 3 eyedropper drops Y mixed response weak to good

clove extract

6.5) Clove 8 ul eugenol N good

7) Stale open bottles to air, recap, Y good this time

heat under heater for 5 days

8) Skunky Previously dark strored, Y Good darken caps on both samples to avoid bias

fresh Molson in sun 3 days

9) Sulfury 30 mg Potassium N only half got it could be bumped up

Metabisulfite (K2S2O5)

delivered as 120 ul of solution Joyce made up

10)Lactic 380ul 85% DSP Lactic Acid Y good

(i.e. food grade!!!)

11) DMS 0..10ul (made by diluting N OK

50uL pure DMS to 50ml

w/ pure ethanol, then

adding 100ul of this to each bottle)

12) Sour 4 ml white wine vinegar Y still a little too strong

13) Hoppy 50 ul Hop Oil extract Y weak


next time try a boiled grain ektract after hoppy sample to differentiate bitterness and astringency

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