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Guidelines used at AHA National Conference 6/92

Reference Beer == Pabst Blue Ribbon

size = 12 oz. long neck bottles

Flavor/Aroma Amount Drink? Comment

------------ ------ ------ -------

1) Alcohol 12ml pure ethanol Y good

2) estery 90ul banana extract Y still way too low perhaps try corn spirits next time

3) nutty 60ul almond extract Y too low (was fine in Carling)

4) diacetyl 75ul butter extract Y good

5) phenol 9mg N

6) clove 2 eyedropper drops Y good clove extract

7) Stale open bottles to air, recap, Y good this time heat to 100F for 10 days

8) Skunky Previously dark strored, Y Good fresh Molson in sun 3 days

9) Sulfury 22.5 mg Potassium N only half got it Metabisulfite (K2S2O5) could be bumped up

10)Lactic 380ul 85% DSP Lactic Acid Y good (i.e. food grade!!!)

11) DMS 0.08ul (made by diluting N OK 50uL pure DMS to 50ml w/ pure ethanol, then adding 80ul of this to each bottle)

ul - micro Liter ml - milli Liter


George Fix suggested using Corn Spirits to replace Banana extract for the estery. He indicated that these contain 1000 times as much esters per unit volume as beer. Some scratch calculations indicate that if this is correct, to doctor a beer to raise the ester level to 2 to 3 times threshold level (as defined in George's book by the Flavor Unit terminology) one would use 1ml of Corn spirits. We have yet to try this, but plan to do so soon. Please let us know if you do try this.

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