Homepage of Doctor Beer and Ms. Mead

Dr. Beer's® activities include the following:

  • Writings on the History of Brewing and Brewing Equipment including original works by Dr. Beer®, translations of historical brewing books, photos of historical brewing equipment and other items of interest regarding the history of brewing. (Updated 4/7/2024).
  • Beer Tastings for alumni clubs and other social functions.
  • Sensory Evaluation Training Classes for professional or advanced amateur brewers.
  • Beer Doctoring Guidelines
  • Useful information for beer hunters on places we have been such as Quebec, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Czech Republic among others.
  • Beer related travels
  • Other Hobbies

  • Dr. Beer®
    is a registered Trademark of
    Jay Hersh.
    BeerBooks.com is where Dr. Beer® gets all his beer related literature

    Learn more about Jay's book, Mundo Maya: Revenge of the Jaguar King, an action adventure novel set in the jungles of Belize, home of the enigmatic Maya, a once mighty civilization that has mysteriously disappeared leaving only the towering remains of their temples as mute testimony to the nature of their past glory.

    Dr. Beer's® groovy new beer glass logo is courtesy of John Eklund. John and his father are proprietors of the website The BeerFathers.

    It's a long story, but John's original website was using the name Dr. Beerlove, which John wasn't aware was infringing on my long standing Dr. Beer® trademark. Rather than being difficult about this problem, John was very cooperative. John selected a new trade name which doesn't conflict with mine (nor anyone else's I hope) and we worked together to set a timeframe during which John can transition his existing site over to the new one so that people will find it.

    In addition to being courteous and cooperative regarding coming up with a mutually agreable solution, he went above and beyond what was necessary by offering to help me create a logo for my site, something I've long wanted to do but lacked the artistic talent to accomplish. After all the nasty replies I've received from people who have infringed upon my trademark and have no respect for laws regarding such things it's incredibly refreshing to find someone who understands and respects the law.

    So many thanks John for both the logo and for helping others understand and appreciate good beer. I hope your new site The BeerFathers continues to be as useful and informative as the old one and that I can perhaps help that end with some guest contributions from time to time.

    Ms. Mead's® activities include the following:

  • Ferrets
  • Finding pictures of ferrets in art (You'd be surprised at how much fan mail this page gets)
  • Embroidery especially Medieval Period historical embroidery. Pieces I've finished, and some I still hope to complete, are shown here.
  • Making Mead. The Bee's Lees is a book of recipes from myself and others that I pulled together.
  • Talking about maknig Mead. The Mead Lover's Digest is a great source of information.