Medieval Embroidery

Some Charted Examples

by Joyce Miller

The embroideries charted here reflect my interest in counted thread embroidery of the medieval period, as opposed to free embroidery or blackwork. I especially lean towards early stuff, particulary the bold colors and geometric patterns of German and Scandinavian embroidery. With the advent of the Web, I can now make these charts available to all, rather than have them mouldering in folders in my attic.

Charts currently available:

Almoner's Pouch, circa 1340.
Icelandic Altar Hanging, late medieval.
Embroidered Cushion. Westphalian (German), 14th-15th c, brick stitch.
Embroidered Box. Westphalian (German), 14th-15th c, brick stitch and long-armed cross stitch.

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And more as I find them.

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