this list is broken down

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basically by geographical regions within Belgium. Even though it is a relatively small country because it is packed with destinations I've chosen to try to group things into regions which are in something resembling a geographical proximity.

NAMUR (and nearby)




















Brussels (nearby)

Brussels proper

Note this list is perhaps a little outdated though I've been working on it a little as of 2000. Also see Peter Crombecq's excellent web pages

NAMUR (and nearby)


Brasserie la Caracole

Small commercial brewery making 400 liters at a time. At the moment all the beer they produce is sold at La Table de Wallonie (Place de Marche des Legumes, Namur), but the partnership has just signed to buy a bigger brewery in Ciney. Three beers are made: an amber ale, a brown ale, and a white beer. The first two are category S beers, brewed with pale malt and various special malts. Since the brewery has no lab facilities, they buy their yeast from a bank at Louvain-la-Neuve every time they brew;

L'Eblouissant. 27, rue Armee Grouchy, Namur. 081/73.71.39. in MJBC pg 273 listed as at 108 Rue des Brasseurs, Namur, 081/22.69.28 - A small cafe run by a very particular publican. Extensive beer selection, well cared for. Good meals during lunch, with food also available during dinner

Beer stores:

La Cave de Wallonie. 6, rue de la Halle, Namur

Spice stores sometimes sell bitter (curacao) orange peel. It's hard and white, and bitter tasting. One such store is L'Herbier in Namur, around the corner from La Cave de Wallonie.

Ordinary supermarkets often sell dark and light candy sugar in 1 lb boxes,and many have formidable beer selections, including local brews and glassware.

Jereboams (3- liter bottles) are widely available, and the Sarma Star hypermarket outside of Namur must stock at least 100 beers--and the glasses.

LUSTIN (just south of Namur)


Musee de la Biere (The Beer Museum). 19, rue de la Gare B/2, Lustin, on Route #947. 081/41.11.02

Exterior has hand-painted signs advertising over 1,000 Belgian beer glasses on exhibit, and God knows how many bottles, some of them dating from the 19th century.Admission is 35 francs, which can be applied to a purchase in the gift shop. The gift shop features 11 beers on tap (including the formidable Liefmans' framboise), as well as a good 100-200 in bottles. The interior is crammed with shelves of bottles and glasses, and many of these will actually be of substantial interest to beer geeks. The cafe is also home to a tasting club, the Guilde des Tates-Biere, whose final exam is rumored to include identification of certain beers by year of production.

Lustin is south of Namur, on the Meuse river. The museum is open weekends and student holidays only, but special openings can be arranged for larger groups.

BINCHE (south of Brussels, West of Namur)


Brasserie la Binchoise - Faubourg St. Paul 38, B-7130 Binche, Belgium 064/33.61.86

Brews beer in 1,500 liter batches. All beers are category S beers They make: Marie de Hongrie, a darkish brown, highly aromatic ale of 8.5 ABV containing pale malt, Munich malt, and a small quantity of torrified malt for coloring; Fakir, a slightly less strong but equally aromatic blonde ale; Ours (French for bear), using wild honey for 2/7 of its fermentables; Speciale de Paques, a stronger but thinner-bodied blonde for Easter; and Speciale Noel (for Christmas), a rich, highly aromatic brown beer, and rather orangey.

CHIMAY (south of Binche and Brussels near the French Border) [135]


Chimay - Abbey Notre Dame de Scourmount, 6483 Forges 060/21.03.11 - close to Chimay. produces Chimay Red, White, Blue and Grande Reserve, as well as cheese. A restaurant nearby sells both the beer and cheese.



La Vaudree I, in Angleur (a suburb) - open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. has a truly staggering selection of beers (approx. 1,000).

La Vaudree II, Rue St. Giles 149, <267> - Near the center of town, 20 min walk from train station. This is a bar/restaurant that has a truly staggering selection of beers (approx. 1,000).



Abbey de Notre Dame de St. Remy 5430 Rochefort 084/21.31.81 [136] - cloistered (closed) abbey. beers available in town (try La Malle Poste) Rochefort 10 suggested with dark chocolate.

Le Cor de Chasse (hotel) in St. Hubert, Avenue Nestor Martin 3, 6870 Saint-Hubert, 061/61.16.44.

L'Hermitage (Hotel) Rue de la Roche 32, 6660 Houffalize, Room for two with bath, 2280BF (~60$)

Brasserie Auchoufee, Route du Village 32, 6660 Achouffe-Houffalize 061/28.81.47 - brewery has cafe on premises. brewers name is Chris

Abbey de Notre-Dame d'Orval - 6823 Villers-devant-Orval 061/31.10.60 [136] - at Florenville, ruins to tour, beer and cheese in gift shop

Brasserie Fantome (8 Rue Preal, Soy) - Saison style brewers <139>

La Ferme au Chene (115 Rue Comte d'Ursel, Durbuy) - brew pub <139>



De Hopduvel Brewery (Gent 09/225.20.68) {38}

De Hopduvel - Rokerelsstraat 10, 09/225.37.29 - specialty beer cafe also with many cheeses, no hot food Tue, open every day This street runs perpendicular to one of the tram-lines, which runs along Martelaarslaan. Rokkerelstraat is a short street; the Bijlokevest is at the other end. Spacious, woody room, small bar-area, upstairs grill restaurant, and quite simply the nicest beergarden (beautifully landscaped) you will ever find. The front door is just like any other front door (in fact I walked past it and only realised where the entrance was when someone left the pub!) Open every day at 11, Grill open 1800 to 2300

Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant (Het - Groentenmarkt 9, 09/225.06.80) - A fine alternative to the Hopduvel, and a bit closer to the center of town (right in it, in fact). More than 100 Belgian beers, including a substantial selection of 'streekbieren' (regional specialty beers).

De Dulle Griet (Vrijdagamarkt 50, 091/24.24.55) - on a square about 1-2 blocks E or ESE of the Groentenmarkt a tad more expensive than the Waterhuis but has a better selection. It is hard to miss - it says "Trappistenbier" in huge letters above the window, and has the emblems of the 6 Trappist breweries under this word. Open every day Noon to 1AM



Cafe De Mouterij on the marketplace - emphasizes Liefmans products [119]

Liefman's Brewery - 200 Aalst Straat, 9700 Oudenaarde 055/31.13.92 or 055/31.13.91; museum and taproom with terrrace. Tours 100 Francs by appt.

Other Brown Ale Brewers in the OUDENAARD region


Cnudde Brewery -

Clarysse Brewery - beers produced under the label Felix

Crombe Brewery - in Zottegem just east of Oudenaard

Roman Brewery (in nearby Mater) - sizeable brewery [120]

Zottegem (in nearby Crombe to the East) - small brewery and Cafe

Van Den Bossche (in St Lievens-Esse) -

TOURPES-LEUZE (south of Oudenaarde)


Brasserie Dupont - 5 Rue Basse, 7904 Tourpes-Leuze 069/66.22.01 - Makers of Saison Dupont



Prior to WWI, Brugge had 31 breweries. Today there are two : Straffe Hendrik (translatable as Strong Henry), and De Gouden Boom (The Golden Tree).

Brouwerij De Gouden Boom - Langestraat 47 8000 Brugge 050/33.06.99 -De Gouden Boom is open for public tours. Call ahead for hours.

Straffe Hendrick Brewery Tavern, Walplein 26, 050/33.26.97 [273] - Guided tours 100BF (includes 1 drink). April to Sept. daily 10am to 5 pm, Oct to March daily 11am and 3pm. Yearly by appt. for 15 pers min.

't Brugs Beertje - 5 Kemelstraat, near Simon Stevin Plein, 050/33.96.16 - Serves over 300 different beers. Pub food. opens 4pm to 1am, closed Wed. [273]

Staminee de Garre (De Garre 1) a tiny alley off of Briedelstraat just between the Markt Square and the Town Hall. Look for a wooden barrel at the alley entrance. Quaint old pub witha nice selection.

Taverne Erasmus (Wolle Straat 35, in a hotel, 050/33.57.81)

't Hoefijzerte, Walplein 12, 050/33.06.04 - nice cafe, with reasonable food, a small bottle and gift shop with glassware



De Dolle Brouwers - brewers of Bous Keun, etc. operates on Saturdays only near Diskmuide. not far from Oostende tel. 051/50.27.81 <226>



Rodenbach Brouwerij - 133-141 Spanje Straat, 8800 Roeselare 051/22.34.00

Den Haselt (Zuidstraat 19, tel 225240 - restaurant in Roeselare [123]<132>



St. Louis Brewery - produces Gueze and Lambics (including a strawberry one)

Ingelmunster Castle, owned by Van Honsebrouck brewery (3 Stationstraat, tel 056/35.34.91 or 051/30.03.85) - castle has a park, tea room and tavern. The beer is served there with other fod (ham, cheeses). <225>



Abdij Sint Sixtus (Westvletern) 8983 Westvleteren 057/40.03.76

Trappist monestary of St. Sixtus brewery & cafe open 10-12 closed on Friday (between coast and Ieper possibly listed on map as Oostvleteren). Cafe is called Cafe De Vrede



Hop Museum on Gasthiusstraat 71, hours at local tourist board tel. 057/33.40.81

There is a Hop route which runs 36 miles starts at town center. It is marked by signs.

d'Hommelzak (10 bis Paardenmarkt) - a tea room

d'Hommelkeete (3 Hoge Noenweg) - interesting restaurant

't Hommelhof (17 Watouplein, Watou) - restaurant w/ local brews



Taverne Botteltje (19 Louisastraat 059/70.09.28) about 6 NW blocks from the ferry between the Wapenplein and the beach. has six beers on draft: DeTroch Kriek, Hoegarden Wit, Speciale Palm, Grimbergen Dubbel, Jupiler Pils, and Guinness. Well kept and served bottle selection. There is also an adjacent hotel and steak house.

t'Ostens Bierhuis (48 Kapucijnenstraat 059/70.67.01) - Closed Tuesday. It's only about a block from the Taverne Botteltje (Kapucijnenstraat is the next street to the east).

't Steedje a micro produces a Triple.



The Trappist Monastery at St. Benedictus in Achel (which is just inside the Belgium/Holland border about 15KM south of Eindhoven in Holland) has recently become the 7th Trappist Monastery to conduct brewing operations. Here is the link for theTrappist Brewery at Achel. Tel: 0032 (11) 800769

More on it after we tour it in Sep. of this year.



Kulminator (32 Vleminckveld, 03/232.45.38)- beer bar (350-400 beers) [273] - Sells MJ Great Beers of Belgium Book, signup for Objectieve Bierproevers

Patersvaetje - beer cafe (80 beers), 1 Blauwmoezelstraat

Vagant - cafe w/ beer, gin, herring (25 Reyndersstraat)

De Groote Witte Arend - beer cafe w/ Art & Chamber Music (Reyndersstraat 18, 03/232.08.80)

't Waagstuk - 60 beers, fish dishes (20 Stadswag)

Cafe Pelgrom (15 Pelgrim Straat, 03/234.08.09) - old canlde lit cellar with a real feel of the past, good food/beer selection <149>

De Grote Gans - restaurant attached to Cafe Pelgrom, good beef <149>

Aux Armes de Tirlemont - (corner of Eiermarkt & Suderman Straat) - closed Sundays, a tiny 400 yr old geuze cafe <94>

Quinten Matsijs - (17 Moriaanstraat, at Hoofdkerkstraat, 03/225.01.70) [117] - Antwerp's oldest cafe from 1565, has DeKoninck beers OK food, Kitchen 12-11 (Su 12-6)

Cafe Den Engel - (3 Grote Markt) serves DeKoninck beers [117]

Het Elfte Gebod (Torfburg 10, 03/232.36.11)- Cool pub crammed with religous icons. A most bizarre place to drink.

Pelgrim - (8 Boomgardstraat tel 218.91.30) closed Sundays? [117] <147> - pub opposite DeKoninck brewery sells yeast by the shot glass!!

DeKoninck - 291 Mechelse Steenweg, 2018 Antwerpen 03/218.40.48 [117] - a pale ale brewery, began as brewpub/beergarden.

Tavern Bierland (28 Korte Nieuw Straat, 03/231.23.40) - in Old Town, smoky student bar, serves De Troch gueze [273], open midday, closed Sun.

De Arme Duivel - draught kreik, mussels, on De Arme Duivel steert

Fouquets - beer, oysters, deserts (17 De Keyserlei)

Belgium Beers +280 varieties - Reyndersstraat 2/1 tel. 03/226.68.53 - open daily from 11am to 7pm (Dinsdag Gesloten, closed Tuesday??)

WESTMALLE (NE of Antwerp) [137]


Abdij der Trappisten (Westmalle) 2140 Malle 03/312.05.35 - visits not encouraged but sometimes appt. can be made

MECHELEN (between Brussels and Antwerp)


De Stillegentier. Mechelen. - recommended to as stocking nearly all the lambic and gueuze products currently on

the market.

Moortgat Brewery - 58 Breendonk Dorp, 2659 Puurs 03/886.71.21, - near Mechelen produces Duvel, Maredsous, etc...

Maes Brewery - in Waarloos, north of Mechelen, produces Pils and Grimbergen Double and Triple

Gouden Carolus (aka Het Anker brewery??) G. Gezellelaan 49 or Krankenstraat 2 (has 2 different entrances), 2800 Mechelen, tel. 015/20.38.80, Guided tour 100BF (1 drink included), April - Sept. daily 3PM, other times by appt. with 10 person minimum, building in a beguinage dates to 1471

BOCHOLT (east of Anwterp, north of Maastricht)


Brouwerij Martens Museum - Dorpstraat 32, Bocholt, tel. 011/461705 by appt. only producers of Sezoens (a saison) and an astonishing museum <141> contact info listed as Reppelerweg 1, B-3950 Bocholt, 011/42.29.80 in <141>

NEARBY BRUSSELS [see map in MJBC 32, contact info 38]




De Keersmaeker (Mort Subite) - 1 Brussel Straat, 1703 Kobbegem 02/452.47.47



Louis Girardin Brewery - Lindenbergstraat 10/12, 1744 Sint-Ulriks, 02/452.64.19 hours 9-5, Also sold as House Lambic at Drinks Wet



De Troch Brewery - Langestraat 20, 1741 Wambeek, 02/582.10.27



De Neve Brewery- Isabellestraat 52, 1703 (or 1750?) Schepdaal, 02/569.55.92 or 02/569.09.02

In De Rare Vos (22 Marktplaats, 02/569.20.86, closed Tue & Wed.) - a lambic pub, very famous, MJ recommends food



Timmerman's Brewery - 11 Kerk Straat, 1711 Itterbeek 02/569.03.58



Lindeman's Brewery - 257 Lenniksebaan, 1712 Vlezenbeek 02/569.03.90



Great Bottle Shop - Drinks Wet (209 Steenweg naar Halle in St. Genesius-Rode) Tue-Fri 11-7, Sat 9-1, closed Sun & Mon. takes Visa. 02/380.32.27 Some notes: check expiration dates. Some of the old bottles you'll find are aged



Cafe Drie Fonteinen, Herman Teirlinckplein 3, 1650 Beersel, 02/331.06.52 - open to 9:30 pm, closed Tue. & Wed., blends own Gueze and Lambics

Drie Bronnen - another gueze cafe <93>

Oud Beersel Brewery/ Vandervelden Brewery - follow signs in town Laarheidestraat 230, 1650 Beersel, 02/380.33.96

Restaurant- In De Oud Pruim Steenweg op Ukkel 87, Beersel, 02/331.05.59

Centrum Hotel du Centre - Steenweg naar Ukkel 11, 1650 Beersel hotel recommended very close to the city, not far from Zaventem Room for two with bath, 2300BF (~60$)

There is also a moated castle in Beersel, open 10-12 and 2-5.

HALLE (start of the Bruegel Route)


Vander Linden - 2 Brouwerij Straat, 1500 Halle 02/356.50.59 - Lambic brewers

't Kriekse - Kappitel Straat at edge of Hallerboos, if you're following the Breugel route and don't get too lost you'll come to this nice little cafe with a good beer selection and pleasant view of the forest (Hallerboos)

De Koninck Lambic brewers of Dworp



Frank Boon - Fonteinstraat 65, 1502-Lembeek, 02/356.66.44 - Lambic brewer



Istas, Chez Moeder Lambic - 2 local cafes



Domus (Tiensestraat 8, 016/20.14.49) - brewpub in town centre

Gambrinus (13 Grote Markt, 016/20.12.38) - Art Nouveau cafe, modest selection

Stella Artois brewery

The best beer store in Louvain-la-Neuve is named Cidex

HOEGARRDEN (near Tienen) [65] <113>


Brouwerij De Kluis (Hoegaarden) 46 Stoopkens Straat, 3320 Hoegaarden 016/76.76.76

Brewery with adjoining restaurant (Kouterhof 016/76.74.33, open daily) built in a former monastic cloister with some parts dating to 1500s. Wit beers, Grand Cru, Verboden Vrucht, Julius, St. Benedict Dubbel



March is HOP SHOOT Month so don't forget to try them someplace!!

Cafe La Becasse at 11 Rue Tabora (02/511.00.06), in a little covered alley just off the Gran' Place. Becasse has its own lambic; served in stone pitchers; it is very expensive;, beers brewed by De Neve.

Cafe Mort Subite, (Rue de Mantagne-aux_herbes Potageres 7, 02/513.13.18) - by the national bank, not far from the Grand place. Mort Subite is geuze-oriented, and not as infested by tourists as one would expect.

De Ultieme Hallucinatie (Rue Royale 316, aka 316 Koningsstraat) 02/217.06.14 - Sezeons and Art Nouveau specialty cafe north of city-centre near (north OF) the Botanical Gardens. Beers are presented on individual serving trays, in their own unique glass, and with little cups of roasted nuts on the side.

Bierodrome (21 Place Ferdinand Cocq, 02/512.04.56) - Jazz bar

Beer Street (yes, the name's in English) - It features 75 taps. It's also right downtown, I think in the Boulevard Anspach.

La Chaloupe d'Or on Grand Place - 24-25 Grand' Place; B1000 02/511.41.61 - wide selection of beers.

'T Spinnekopke (Place du Jardins aux Fleurs 1) 02/511.86.95 - Historic pub in the south-central part of the city, and the place to go for Cantillon, the house gueuze-lambic here, also available in Kriek, Framboise, and Faro.

Le Corbeau (Rue St. Michel 18) 02/219.52.46 - Very close to the heart of town, and handy for the Rue Neuve

Falstaff (Rue Henri Maus 19) 02/511.87.89 - Across from the south side of the Bourse on Rue Henri Maus. HUGE. Also very popular. At least fifty beers total, some on tap, some in the bottle. Rodenbach here.

Poechenellekelder, Rue de Chene 5, opposite Le Manequin Pis - Huge candle wax buildup on the bar, they must have burned thousands, pretty reasonable beer selection and lots of puppets on display

Cirio, Le - 18 Rue de la Bourse, 02/512.13.95; B1000 - Pub Bistro. On the opposite (north) side of the Bourse from the Falstaff, on the Rue de la Bourse. Older, more sedate, more than fifty beersavailable;

Fleur en Paper Dore', La - 5 Rue des Alexiens; B1000 02/511.16.59 - This one dates back to 1846, so historical is probably the appropriate adjective here. Good variety of beers, lots of art 'n' things the walls. Pleasant and quiet

Roy d'Espagne - 1 Grand' Place; B1000 - Big pub with a stuffed horse in the middle of the room. Middling good selection, but avoid the Belle-Vue geuze-lambic served here;

Following from Cafe Section Of MJ Great Beers of Belgium


- Cafe Metropole in Hotel Metropole, Place de Broucqeures. elaborately decorated, 20 beers on list.

- 1884 Brasserie Vossegat (Boulevard Adolphe Max 54)

- Taverne Cirio (Rue de ka Bourse) - dates from 1886

- l'Image Nostre-Dame (Imapsse Cadeaux, off Rue Marche aux Herbes) - Bourgogne des Flanders a specialty

- Vieux Temps (12 Grassmarkt) - serves beer of same name

Bars On City outskirts


La Miroir (Place Reine Astrid 24, Jette, 02/424.04.78) - specialty beer cafe and brewpub, open during day

Moeder Lambic (Rue de Savoiestraat 68, St. Gillis 02/538.09.38) - A smallish pub. 1100 different beers from all over the world. They also keep Belgian comic-books ('albums desinees', usually hard-bound) for your reading pleasure, an interesting way to improve your French, opens at 4:00 recommend coming here early in your visit in order to get the true scope of the task ahead.

Moeder Lambic 2 (Boendaalse Steenweg 441, 02/649.72.41) - this one is way south of the city-centre. Take a bus (the 95 or 96), or a taxi if you're feeling flush. 55 beers on tap!

Le Pere Faro (Chausee d'Alsemberg 442, Uccle, 02/347.39.01) -Opens at 5:00, Take a tram down here; it's also a ways south of the city-centre. A reasonably large selection of beers (at least 100, probably more) awaits most clients of this small, humble, and rather funky little pub-cafe. the beer garden, in front, is surrounded by a wall; street access is through an iron gate. Another convenience is that this pub is on the same tram-line that will drop you off one block from the original Moeder Lambic pub (tram 55).

't Narrenschip, 185 Rue Rogier, Schaarbeek, 02/217.22.27 - 100 beers, open during day, closed Fri eve and on weekends.

Other Places


Maison de Brasseurs - Brewers Guild Hall

Bieres Artisanales -bottle shop, 174 Chaussee de Wavre, 1050 Brussels 02/512.17.88, Tue -Sat 11am - 7pm subway stop St. Gilles "huge selection of beers and to the proprietor, Nasser Ektaferi. Nasser is full of ifo about the Belgian beer scene"

Another location at Waterloo Steenweg 25, 1060 Brussels; 02/538.63.69

ANDERLECHT (a Brussels neighborhood/suburb) [34]


Cantillon Gueuze Brewery Museum - Rue gheude 56; B1070 02/521.49.28 - Brewery / Museum (in Belgian: Musee Bruxellois de la Gueuze ASBL) 70 BF for a tour of the worlds only Gueuze museum! Open Saturdays 11am - 3:30PM mid-October to June. Call to reserve a place in the tour. tour times are at 11, 2 and 3:30

Vandenstock (owned by Interbrew) - Rue Delaunoy, 02/522.19.35) is open to the public.

BEER - A Checklist, by Region and/or Style


*** Brewery (town, aka other trade name) - beer names

(MJ Pocket Guide pg numbers)

[MJ Beer Companion pg numbers]


De Dolle Brewers (Esen)- Oerbier, Boskeun, Arabier, Stille Nocht (75)

't Steedje (Ettelgem) - Triple (76 in De Dolle section)<233>

Roberg (Westouter) - a spicy dark beer <233>

De Koninck (Antwerp) - De Koninck (76)

Moortgat Brewery (Breendonk) - Duvel, Deugniet, Hapkin, Lucifer, Sanctus {0}

Bel Pils, Godefroy, Silver, Wonder {40}

Maredsous Biere Blond d'Abbaye named by

Belgian Degree scale 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 <201>

Het Anker (Mechelen) - Gouden Carolus, Mechelsen Bruynen,

Toison d'Or (76)[120]<222>

Bosteel (Buggenhout) - Bugg's, Prosit (pils), Kwak {36}<224>(77)

St. Louis (aka Van Honsebrouck)- Gueze, Brigand, Kriek, Framboise, <91> Bacchus (78)[42]

St. Sixtus - see Westvleteren

Maes (Hainaut)- Maes Pils, Grimbergen Double, Grimbergen Triple,

Grimbergen Biere d'Abbey, Judas (78)[128]

Cristal Alken - Cristal Alken (a pils), Zulte(?) (75)

Martens (aka Sezeons) - Sezeons, Martens Pils, Bocholter Kwik Pils (79){40}

Westvleteren (aka St. Sixtus) - Double(green crown), Special(red crown),

Extra(blue crown), Abbot(yellow crown) (80)

De Gouden Boom - Brugs Tarwebier (86 in Hoegaarden section), Dubbel and

Tripel (under name Abdij Steenbrugge), Brugse Tripel, Blanche de Bruges

Bockor Brewery (in Bellegem) - Jacobins Gueze [42] <91>

Lamot (Mechelen) - Horse Ale [114], Pils <242>

Martinas (Merchtem) - Ginder Ale <151>

Sterkens (Meer) - Ster Ale [116]

Roman (Mater) - Dobbelen Bruinen, Oudenaardes [120], Sloeber [128]<215>

Bios Brewery (Ertvelde, East Flanders) - Vlaamse Bourgogne, Pater Noster [134]

Corsendonk (Oud Turnhout) Monk's Brown

Ale, Pale Ale {37}<205><205>

Van Steenbergen - Augustijn (90 see Orval section), in <207> MJ says from Bios

De Hopduvel (Gent 091/25.20.68 - Brewed & Bottled by Van Steenbergen - Ertvelde)

- Blondine, Brunette, Gentse tripel, Stropken {38}

Stropken - Grand Cru (79)

Huyghe (Melle/Gent) - Blanche des Neiges, Artevelde Grand Cru,

Mateen Triple {38}

Riva (West Flanders) - Dentergems Witbier, Vondel, Lucifer

De Smedt - Affligem Double, Triple, Aulne, Postel <203>

Brown Beers (all from 77 Liefman's section)


Liefman (Oudenaarde) - Goudenband, Kriek, Frambozen, St. Arnoldus

Oudenberg 1864 {39}

Cnudde (Oudenaarde) - a brown beer

Clarysse (Oudenaarde) - Felix label, a brown beer

Roman (Mater) - Dobbelen Bruinen, Oudenaardes [120]

Crombe (Zottegem) - a brown beer, oud Kriekenbier, Egmont (Tripel) {37}

Van Den Bossche (St. Lievens-Esse) - a brown beer

Het Anker (Mechelen) - Gouden Carolus, Bruynen [120]

Vandenstock (Brussels) - Jack-Op [120]

Biertoren (Kampenhout) - Aarschotse Bruine [120]

Haacht (Haacht) - Gildenbier [120], Tongerlo 6 & 8 <208>, Adler, Pils,

White <246>

Rodenbach & similar - from (78) Rodenbach section and [124] <133>


Rodenbach (Roeselare) - Rodenbach, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Alexander

Bavik-De Brabandere (Bavikhove) - Petrus Oud Bruin, Triple Petrus, Special Stop

Van Eecke (Watou) - abbey style called Poperings Hommelbier (81), Kapittel

Van Honsenbrouck (Ingelmunster) - Bacchus

Leroy (Boezinge) - Paulus, Yperman, Special Katje, Sasbrau (Dortmunder),

Old Musketeer {45}

Verhaege (Vichte) - Vichtenaar, Pandoer, La Duchesse de Bourgogne

Bios Brewery (Ertvelde, East Flanders) - Vlaamse Bourgogne

Bockor (Bellegem) - Vander Ghinste's Ouden Tripel

Strubbe (Ichtegem) - Ichtegems Bruin, Houten Kop, Vlas Kop <233>

Timmermans (Itterbeek) - Bourgogne des Flanders

Callewaert (Zwevezele) - Elckerlyc

Westmalle & imitators (all from 80 under Westmalle)


Westmalle (Malle) - Extra(single), Double, Triple [137]

Van Assche - Vieille Villers triple

Slaghmuylder - Witkap Stimulo, Witkap Tripel <208>

Wit Biers (may reference to other listings in this section) [64]<109>


De Kluis (east of Brussels, aka Hoegaarden) - Hoegaarden Wit

Van Honsebrouck (West Flanders) - Blanche-ke, Vlaamsch Wit/Blanche des Flandres

Riva (West Flanders) - Dentergems Witbier

Palm (Steenhuffel, Brabant) - Steendonk Witbier

De Gouden Boom - Brugs Tarwebier/Blanche des Bruges

Haacht (Haacht in Brabant) - Haecht Tarwebier

Clarysse (East Flanders) - Oodenaarde Wit Tarbier

De Kroon (Neerijse) - Double White

Brasserie du Bocq (Purnode) - Blanche des Namur

Brasseries de Silly (Hainut) - Titje

Huyghe (Gent) - Blanche des Neiges


Artois - Stella Artois, Loburg, Ginder (84), Wiels, Safir <241>

Belle-Vue - Belle-Vue, (also owns De Neve Lambic brewers) (84)

Boon (Lembeek) - Lambics, Mariage Parfait, Faro Lembeek 2% (84)[43]

Moriau (St. Pieters Leeuw) - Lambic blender (84 Boon Section)

Cantillion - Lambic, Grand Cru, Framboise Rose de Gambrinus, Faro (84)[43]

Bruocsella 1900 {36}

De Troch (Wambeek) - Chapeau Lambics (Kriek, Banana, Peche, Framboise,

Apple) {44}

Eylenbosch - Lambic, Festival Supergueze (85)

Girardin - Lambic Girardin, Gueze

Haacht - Gildenbier

De Kluis (Hoegarden) - Hoegaarden (wit beer) aka Oud Hoegaards, Verboden Vrucht,

Hoegaarden Grand Cru, Julius, St. Benedict (85)

Lindemans - Faro, Geuze, Kriek, Framboise (86)

Palm (Steenhuffel, Brabant) - Speciale Palm, Aerts 1900, Dobbel Palm, Bock(pils)

Speciale Aerts (86)[115]<152>

Timmermans - Lambic, Gueze, Kriek, Framboise, Peche, Cassis,

Gueze Caveau [41](87){44}

Vander Linden - Vieux Foudre Gueze, Vieux Foudre Kriek, Framboise,

Duivel, Faro (87) [43]{44}

Vandervelden (Oud Beersel) - Lambics (87)

De Neve (Schepdaal) - Gueze, Lambics [41]

De Smedt (Opwijk) - Op-Ale [115]

also blenders:

Hanssens (Dworp) - Lambic blender (84 Boon Section)

Vandenstock (Cafe Becasse blends) - Lambics, Gueze

De Keersmaeckers (Cafe Mort Subite) - Faro, Gueze, Kriek, Cassis, Framboise (86)

De Drie Fontain (Beersel) - gueze [41]

De Koninck (Dworp) - <90>


Dubuisson (Ripaix) - Bush, Scaldis, Bush Noel {37}

Chimay - Chimay Red, Chimay White, Chimay Blue aka Grande Reserve (88)[135]

Union (Jumet) - Cuvee de L'Ermitage (89)<231>

Jupiler (Jupille) - Jupiler (89)

Orval - Orval (89)[136]

Montignies sur Roc - (90 see Orval section)

Rochefort (Rochefort) - Rochefort 6 (red) , Rochefort 8 (green) ,

Rochefort 10 (black) aka Merveille [136]{40}

Brasserie de Silenrieux - Joseph (blone Bier d'Epeautre ie spelt),

Sara( brown Biere de Sarrasin ie buckwheat)

La Binchoise - Marie de Hongrie, Ours, Speciale de Paques, Speciale Noel

Brasserie La Caracole - amber ale, a brown ale, and a white beer.

Du Bocq (Purnode) - Saison Regal, Gauloise, Deugniet [128]{36}, Agnus [134],

Triple Moine, St. Benoit {36}

Enfants de Gayant (Douai, south of Lille) - Abbaye de Crespin, Saint

Landelin [134], Lutece [141]

Saison Dupont & similar - Dupont section of MJPG, (90-91) [126] <136>


Saison Dupont (Tourpes-Leuze) - Saison Dupont aka Vieille Reserve, Vieille

Provision, Moinette, Vieille des Estinnes, La Biere de Beloeil, Cervisia

Brasserie a Vapeur (Pipaix) - Saison Pipaix, L'Vapeur Rousse {45}

Saison Roland

Saison Voisin

Allard (Guignies)


La Chouffe

Du Bocq (Purnode) - Saison Regal, Gauloise, La Bergeotte, Cuvee du Petit Lu,

La Houlette, Val d'Heure

Saison Silly - Saison Silly, Speciale Enghien, Doublette Enghien

Fantome (Belgian Luxembourg) - Saison, Speciale Cerise <104>

Martens (Bocholt in Belgian Limburg) - Sezeons, Sezeons Quattro

LeFebbvre (Quenast) - Saison 1900, Freutche, Roland Triple, Bonne

Esperance, Floreffe

Other Beers not classifable by style or location)


Leffe (St. Guibert Brewery, Mont St. Guibert) - Radieuse, Vielle Cuvee ,

Blonde, Triple, Brune {39}<195>

Arcener Beerbrewery - try the several varieties

Bincheoise brewery, including Marie De Hongrie and Speciale Noel.

St. Bernardus Brouwerij (Trappistenweg 23, Watou) - St. Bernardus Tripel,

Abt 12, Prior 8 {40}

La Chouffe (Achouffe) - La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe {37}, Framboise <104>

Eloir (Montignies 7383, 065/75.99.76) - Abbaye des Rocs {37}<209>

Louwaege (Kortemark) - Akila, Hapkin {39}

Brouwerij St. Josef (Bree-Opttier 3962) - Ops-Ale, Bokkeryer Luxe Bier,

Krieken, Bosbier (Streekbier), Keyser {43}

Sterkens (Meer) - St. Sebastiaan Dark & Grand Cru {43}, Poorter,

St. Paul Double & Tripel, Bokrijks Kruikenbier <220>

Straffe Hendrick (Brugge) - Brugse Straffe Hendrick {43}

Vieille Villers (Puurs) - Loteling (Blond), Vieille Oud Villers (abbey),

Liezelse Witte, Antiek, Loo (Tripel) {45}

De Block (Piezegem) - Block Pils, Geitebier, Herbakkers, Special Block,

Special Gueze, Tarwe Bier (aka Flanders Wheat), Vlaske

Martins - Martins Pale Ale

Lefebvre - Abbaye de Bonne Esperance, Abbey de Floreffe, Abbey Gembloux <207>

Vieux Temps

Abbey Breweries {34}


Notre Dame de Scourmont (Chimay) - brews under Chimay label

Notre Dame de la Paix (Chimay)

Notre Dame d'Orval (Orval)

Notre Dame de St. Remy (Rochefort)

Westmalle (WestMalle)

St. Sixtus (westvleteren)

Notre Dame de Brialmont (Brialmont)

Notre Dame de Clairefontaine (Clairefontaine)

Notre Dame de Nazareth (Brecht)

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